• Psychosocial Rehabilitation Centre

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  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation Centre

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  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation Centre

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Eve Psychosocial Rehabilitation Centre provide individualized care packages.  Services include managing symptoms, strengthening self-care skills, developing social and communication skills, meeting nutritional needs, managing medication, keeping to healthy routines, providing psychosocial treatments and integrating back into society


For the expected, unexpected and everything in between.

Meet Our Practitioners

We are better able to navigate these periods when we are able to access the right support, medication or services. Sometimes the right treatment is lifesaving.

Balasubramaniam Somasundaram
Rehabilitation Counseling Psychologist
Melanie Chuah Siew Mooi
Counselling Psychologist
Joyce Hue Vern Chie
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Kaay Woodhull
Yoga Instructor
Naaraayani Balasubramaniam
Music Teacher
Dr Noor Aishah Rosli
Child Clinical Psychologist
Reena Clare
Art Psychotherapist
Shankar Thiruchelvam
Counseling Psychologist