12 Week Wholesome Programme

Planning and Goals

Goals for the week will be identified as well as areas of concerns. Goals will emphasize how, when and where.

Social Interaction

Group members will have the opportunity to develop and practice ways of communicating and interacting with others. Topics include verbal and nonverbal communication, assertiveness and personal boundaries.

Weight Management

Clients will be assessed for this voluntary group, addressing issues of weight management such as nutrition exercise, motivation, self-esteem and personal strategies.

Orientation and Discussion

This is a verbal activity group focusing on group building, welcoming new residents and preparing members of discharge, i.e., developing leadership skills, setting limits and establishing trust.

Meal Management

Group members will be involved in meal planning, purchase of food and food preparation. They will develop an awareness of nutrition and kitchen safety

Health Promotion

This group will emphasize balanced healthy living habits and basic self-care. Topics include hygiene, nutrition, chronic illness, addictions, etc.

Medication Rounds

Group members will learn to identify the medications they are on, how they work and side-effects.

Stress Management

Group members will learn to identify sources of stress and practice stress reduction techniques.

Life Skill

Will focus on promoting the individual’s level of independent functioning through providing skill training activities, i.e., money, management, home and time management, job readiness and study skills.


Group members will be given opportunities to participate in recreation activities that address stamina, endurance and general sense of physical well-being.

Work Skills

Group members will learn to identify and further develop their work interests and skills through a personalized activity program, i.e. skills assessment, resume writing, typing, woodworking and sewing.

Personal Problem Solving

This group will focus on enhancing self-awareness, personal development and problem solving skills. Topics include isolation, feelings, self-esteem and relationships.

Psycho Education

Educational groups to increase group of the residents’ knowledge about their illness, treatment methods and current research.

Leisure Planning

This group will focus on planning for the productive and enjoyable use of the free time and increase of group’s awareness of the community leisure resources.

Symptom Management

This group provide information and discussion about specific mental illness such as Schizophrenia, Schizo-effective disorder, depression, Bipolar & etc., as well as their medications used for treatment.

Cognitive Behavioural Group

This group will focus on cognitive – behavioural techniques such as how thoughts, mood and behaviour effect each other and how changing thought can reduce symptoms.

Job Placement

This group will allow the residents to find a job which is matching with the capability of the individual.

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Psychological Services

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