Mission Statement

Our vision is to provide excellent care, in a "home-like atmosphere for the mentally ill and psychologically ill.
We pledged that patient care would be our first concern and would have priority over all other considerations ...

Core Philosophy

It is the intention of Eve Caring Centre to provide the highest standard of care and accommodation, to meet your individual requirements. Prior to admission, your needs will be assessed to ensure smooth transition into the Home.

For over ten years, we have provided the highest degree of professional and personal care for our Residents. By combining acquired knowledge with the latest concepts in psychiatric health care, we have created a homelike environment.

Whether your loved ones require short-term or long term care, we attend to each and every individual’s need with love and care. Recovery and rehabilitation is challenging and adapting to healthy structure can be a battle. The multi-disciplinary team here provide support navigating this.

We will compile an individual plan of care in consultation with you and other health care professionals, to identify your loved ones’ medical, social and emotional requirements. This Care Plan will be reviewed every month, or when your care needs change.

We are continually seeking way of improving the standard of the services we provide to maintain a caring and supportive environment where independence and quality of Residents care is paramount.

We aim for all our residents to lead a fulfilling life and provide a variety of regular activities tailored to individual preferences. Whilst we hope these activities will provide something for everyone, we also respect our Resident’s right to privacy, choice and independence.

A place where love, care & affection takes priority

How We Started ...

This was the pursuit of David and Mary, a warm loving couple who saw the need for a space for people with mental health conditions that’s functions like a family and eludes the white walled hospital setting that lack warmth. Both with extensive experience in running homes and strong connections with the local medical professionals poured their love into this projects.

A year on, their children Eve and Jared joined management of the space and together they have seen it through expansions, development of programmes and a growing professional family.

... and David loves to garden ... and Mary loves to cook.

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