I was a patient here for 1.5 years. I came in a bad state of mind. I loved my stay here as i got to restore my mind, body and soul at my own pace. While here i found out i was diabetic and had stage 2 uterine cancer; it was dealt with swiftly. After my full hysterectomy the staff took care post operation really well. The staff communicated well between each other between shifts to ensure my needs were met. Everyone treated you with compassion, love, empathy and kindness. The team here, doctors and counselling psychologists are amazing. My support team was amazing even till now.

The only thing i would change is the menu. Its not wholesome enough, it can be better. The schedule needs to change too in the morning, we get a heavy local breakfast before our morning exercise.

The afternoon activities need to be better prepared and conducted.

But most of all i bonded with everyone. I made friends with a few women whom i call close friends now. We supported and encouraged each other till now outside of the centre. We are all stable now.

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